Fill up the Treasury and start the revolution!

We work on a decentralized healthcare and basic income for every Beggar so join us. Print the free coins, tell your story and unburden yourself. Donate your BAT tokens and buy content in the shop to help us set up the block-chains needed for the cause.

If you get a Beggar Coin, know that the person in front of you is in pain, ‘moneytired’, paid more than he earns and needs help. Talk quietly, comfort that person and give something in return. Giving the Coin is asking for help. Join the revolution!



My fellow Beggars, its time to say you are done. Its time to say you had enough. You pay, you work and pay some more. Everybody needs your money!

Time to print your own coins! Coins you can trade with a fellow beggar in need. Maybe you get some food, maybe a hug or a small treasure. A token of help and comfort.

The first steps are decentralized health insurance, a basic income for all Beggars and to stop the fine on being poor. Moneybeggar will use donations and investments for a money carefree reality. Join the revolution!

“Rise up and give to the cause” – Moneybeggar

“We are not bums, we are Beggars and proud of it” – Moneybeggar

“If you make the employer own a part of his work, the employer will own it!” – Moneybeggar

– Moneybeggar Treasury –
Swim in the Treasury of the Beggar Revolution!
Real-time representation of the donations made by your fellow Beggars.
Join the revolution!
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-Geuzen /Beggars (1576)-
Hy eyscht den Thienden met gewelt
 Diet gheeft, sal niet behouwen.
 Want gheeftmen dick van thienen een,
 Daer blijft ten lesten een noch gheen,
 Woll mach den Herder stillen,
 Dees Wolf is met Woll noch Melck te vreen,

Hy wilde schaepkens villen.
 Sijn buyck is onuersadelick,
 Bloet en gheltdorstich stadelick,
 Als die met wreeden moede
 Tlants ghelt verquist verradelick
 Aen Conincklicken bloede.
 Verdient dan sulck v Huerlinck fel,
 Den Thienden Penninck niet seer wel.

-Geuzen /Beggars (1576)
He demands the tenth with violence
Who gives won’t be excluded.
Cause if you always give your tenth,
There won’t be any left to spend,
The Sheppard may then assume,
This wolf’s not done after milk nor wool,

He wants to gut the sheep.
His belly’s unquenchable,
Blood and money-thirst grab a hold,
When he, with evil intentions finally
Ships away the countries gold
To the blood of royalty.
 Does he truly earn after all,
The Tenth Penny? Not at all!


Once upon a time there was a lord in need of money. After conquering lands all across the globe he needed to sustain his wealth and position. The lord did so with violence and oppression, the people started to revolt.

First the mighty ships of the royal fleet where sunk by small agile vessels, pirates and beggars the lord was told. Then city’s were attacked and the revolt grew to a revolution. The lord decided it was time for the ‘Blood Law’. Every citizen in the Low Lands should pay, a tenth on every penny earned. Beggars they call themselves, Geuzen, the lord was told. Not pirates but Watergeuzen, not soldiers but Landgeuzen. To wage a war against the mighty lord they needed Moneybeggars. So the Beggars formed the ‘Compromise of Nobles‘ and started a eighty year war against the mightiest realm in the known world, and they won.


Within our capitalistic society today there is a constant demand for money. The lords are in control. Having money is making it and when its gone, you pay the fine. More is needed to pay a salary of a lord, less is needed to pay ten of you. We are Moneybeggars. They need more and we have to pay, what can we do against such a mighty opponent? Give for a coin! Download the free coin on Show your coin and ask for a gesture of compassion. Show your coin and tell friends from foe, we are Beggars! If you have something to spare, trade it for the coin. You might need the Beggarcoin later… With that gesture we might be able to help our fellow Beggar in need. If the coin is traded for something with value we can print our own money and trade within our own neighborhoods and society’s. And maybe, like the Beggars in the sixteenth century, start a revolution.