Geuzen (Dutch pronunciation: [ɣøːzə(n)]; French: Les Gueux, English: the Beggars) was a name assumed by the confederacy of Calvinist Dutch nobles and commoners, who from 1566 opposed Spanish rule in the Netherlands. The most successful group of them operated at sea, and so were called Watergeuzen (Dutch pronunciation: ˈʋaːtərɣøːzə(n)]; French: Gueux de mer, English: Sea Beggars). In the Eighty Years’ War, the Capture of Brielle by the Watergeuzen in 1572 provided the first foothold on land for the rebels, who would conquer the northern Netherlands and establish an independent Dutch Republic. They can be considered either as privateers or pirates, depending on the circumstances or motivations.

The Spanish Duke of Alva imposed the so called ‘Blood Law’ and asked 10% extra tax, killed the non-katholics and attacked protestant towns. The Beggars started the attack on Brielle (pronounced [ˈbrilə]), also called Den Briel (Brill in English) and with that a revolution.

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